Los Charros


“Rider, someone who practices charrerĂ­a, the activity considered as the
national sport in Mexico. It finds its authentic manifestation in this
country, based on equestrian practices from the Colony to the
Mexican Revolution; This practice combines horsemanship with various
forms of Jaripeo, equestrian activities and traditional forms of livestock.”

We bring to you typical plates and house specials seasoned with flavor. We have dishes for all hours of the day, vegetarian specials and kid’s plates.

We are distinguished for being a restaurant with friendly environment, quality food, and a family atmosphere. In addition to great service, Los Charros Mexican Restaurant has good prices.

The restaurant’s decorations of Mexican folklore stand out the moment that you come in.

Find Los Charros Mexican Restaurant at 8019 N Highway 27, Rock Spring, GA 30739.

Thank you to all customers for supporting us throughout the time!!